Interactive Marketing: Identity

Who are you? Who are your customers? What is the value you offer to them? Why should they care? These are key questions in defining your identity and your brand. Brand definition doesn’t occur in a vacuum though. You have competition to think about. You have customer reviews to think about. You have public perception to think about. Your customers have a lot to think about, too, so it’s important to be focused and to represent yourself well by developing and using consistent messaging and visuals. You also want to be where your customers are at, whether that location be physical or virtual. Lastly, you want your brand to be in your customers' minds when they have a relevant need.


Your brand is not simply how you perceive yourself. Your brand is how people perceive you. It is based on how your company represents itself through appearance, words, and actions. And in this, everything matters, from the look of your logo to the voice they hear answering the phone. We’ll improve your brand so you can impress, retain, and gain.

Market Research

Your brand and what you offer takes place in a marketplace, both online and offline. The digital age offers a myriad of ways to research your market that were unavailable in years past, including evaluating competitor websites, listening to online conversations, and analyzing search data. We are researchers at heart and love to tackle new markets and score actionable insights.

Online Reputation Management

Review websites like Yelp can be great resources for learning about businesses and making informed decisions. The reviews people post can be good, bad and, at times, unfair. Like it or not, people are sharing opinions about businesses like yours, and if you aren’t watching, it may be hurting your business. This is where we come in. We help manage your reputation online by paying attention, monitoring relevant review sites and coordinating actions that defuse the negative and ignite the positive.

Public Relations

How do you relate to the public? Many small decisions and responses make up your public persona. Coordinating responses to perceptions is part of public relations, but so is getting out into the community to shape conversations and thus, perception. Marketing and communications are tightly integrated in successful companies, yet the challenges are even greater today due to the explosion of new online channels now available to your customers and competition. We will help you navigate this challenging landscape and assist in executing a sound public relations strategy.

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