Interactive Marketing: Growth

Growth requires gaining traction in the marketplace and maintaining consistent momentum in a chosen direction. There are a multitude of pieces to be managed, especially if the direction is new. Once you know that direction, we’ll help make sure you reach your destination.

Interactive Marketing Campaigns

After focusing your message and refining your brand identity, we’ll implement an interactive marketing campaign. Every interaction with a customer or prospect will affect their perception of you. With the number of possible interactions at an all-time high, it is vitally important to coordinate your campaigns so you don't confuse your audience or send the wrong message. Every interaction with a customer shapes their perception of you.

Interactive marketing recognizes that modern communication is both outbound to the customer and inbound from the customer, and that we cannot control the entire process. We do, however, seek to influence the process, to listen to what customers are saying, and to participate in the conversation. An important aspect of any marketing campaign is to capture, measure, and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data so interactions can be improved and create mutually-beneficial outcomes.”

Project Management

We know that running your business is your primary focus. Growing your business through marketing initiatives takes a team and we’ll do our part to keep things on track, so you can do what you do best. Marketing activities typically involve many players, from internal staff to third-party vendors. Making sure that all the action items get done well and on time is critical to any successful marketing effort.


E-Commerce is more than an online catalog with a shopping cart. It is a virtual storefront that typically needs as much attention as a physical location, especially if it is the primary revenue generator for a business. E-Commerce starts with quality products and services that require promotion to draw people in. Once customers arrive, they need to be persuaded to make the purchase. At that point, fulfillment and customer service come into play, as does potential integration with inventory management and accounting software. And, you really want that customer to come back and buy from you again, so e-commerce should be closely integrated with other marketing activities. We have experience and expertise with e-commerce, and can help you start a new online store or improve an existing one.

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