E-Commerce Solutions

Our e-commerce solutions are tailored to your specific products and customers.

Online Store

CPS can implement an online product catalog, shopping cart, secure credit card transactions, and links to shipping and order fulfillment processes. Currently, our preferred platform is AbleCommerce, a highly customizable e-commerce solution with very reasonable license fees. We can also integrate, support and maintain other third-party payment solutions such as Amazon Webstore and PayPal.

Application Integration

Perhaps you already have a website, contact database, accounting software, and most of the other pieces of the puzzle. But can all these applications talk with one another? Can your e-commerce website automatically track orders and inventory through your accounting system? Do you have multiple databases in different departments? We can streamline your business by integrating your software applications with an e-commerce solution, making your business more efficient and saving you money over the long-term.

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