How We Work

Increase Your Online Success by Boosting:

  • Website traffic
  • User interactions
  • Click throughs
  • Conversions (sales/subscriptions)
  • Advertising sales

As we achieve those measurable goals, we also heighten your online presence and strengthen your brand identity. How do we do that? We utilize two critical components:

                1. A Guiding Principle of Process
                2. A Five-Step Process to Building Your Success

The Guiding Principle of Process:

    Data - The amount of available information within the Internet universe is, for all practical purposes, infinite. We filter – using your company’s parameters and needs – which distills the data pool into relevant…

    Information - That’s critical to your needs. Utilizing this foundation, we create a base of…

    Knowledge - From which your team and our team can accurately assess your past and current online experience. This assessment leads to…

    Experience - Of industry veterans that forms the foundation for good decision-making, which results in…

    Wisdom - That will help your team and our team build a better, more efficient and effective website experience for an ever increasing number of readers/subscribers.

Five-Step Process to Building Your Success:

Step One : Understanding the Online Universe, its Users & Advertisers.
  1. Internet/communication technologies are evolving at supersonic speeds.
  2. Online users are continually maturing in their knowledge and expectations of websites.
  3. Advertisers are constantly trying to match their product with changing technologies and growing user sophistication for greatest impact.
  4. There’s an ever increasing competition for user attention and money.
Step Two : Understanding the Print World, its Readers & Advertisers
  1. Print is – and will remain – a successful communications platform by which readers can be satisfied and advertisers financially rewarded.
  2. Every magazine has a website, but most don’t know what the others are doing.
  3. Magazine website mission statements are ‘evolving,’ meaning each company is making it up as it goes along.
  4. Most magazine websites are unprofitable.
  5. No one knows what to give away and what to put behind a pay wall.
  6. Simply duplicating a print magazine online is NOT the way to maximize online success.
  7. Similarly, print readers do not constitute the entire universe of potential online readers.
Step Three : Creating a Path from Print to Online
  1. Correctly marrying the two different entities, print and online, is an evolving challenge that is difficult – but not impossible – to achieve.
  2. Online strategies should not be limited by print constraints and/or print-publishing assumptions.
  3. Websites need to continually grow and reflect ever-changing user needs and expectations.
  4. Big traffic numbers are not always better.
  5. Good website traffic on a poorly designed site or one that’s not tailored to a specific audience means lost user interactions, click throughs, conversions (sales/subscriptions) and advertising sales.
  6. An optimized website speaks simply and directly to a specific audience and gets users to spend their time and money.
Step Four : Defining Your Unique Challenges
  1. We start with a free in-person or over-the-phone consultation to see if we are a good fit.
  2. If you have an established magazine, you already know your print audience and are delivering what they want in the print format.
  3. If you have an established website, you have metrics about who visits your site, how long they spend on it, what they do, etc.
  4. We need both your print and online knowledge to get a complete picture of your situation, so we interview you and your team about your print magazine, website, readers and advertisers.
  5. We ask for budget guidelines so we can match our scope of strategies and services to your specific needs and budget requirements.
Step Five : Building an Action Plan with Definable Measures of Success
  1. Using all the information you’ve given us, we combine that with the extensive knowledge of our magazine and website experts.
  2. We then present you with a multiple-tiered action plan that can be implemented as an entire integrated strategy or as a la carte items.
  3. Each item will have its own well-defined measures of success.
  4. You decide what best fits your needs and budget.

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