The CPS Story

Crown Point Solutions came into existence a decade ago in October 2003, after the entirety of an IT department was set free following the acquisition of National Technological University by Sylvan Learning Systems. The core IT management team gathered together and, along with another colleague from Hewlett-Packard, decided to build their own ship, hire an experienced crew and set forth to seek their own fortunes. Since its humble beginnings, Crown Point Solutions has grown quickly, serving clients along the Colorado Front Range, including Fort Collins, Loveland and Denver.

A lot has happened since 2003, especially the role of technology in the marketing and communications areas. Rapid innovation combined with dynamic business environments results in businesses having to make difficult marketing technology decisions quickly, often without full understanding of what those decisions might mean for the future of the company. This is where we can help. Our experienced and talented team has navigated these waters for decades, and can help organizations make wise investment choices, in terms of both time and money. Specializing in Interactive Marketing, the company strives to keep ahead of the curve in the latest business, marketing and technology trends.

Our company is built solidly upon a foundation of Integrity and Customer Service. Building trust with clients is our primary objective, and trust provides the cornerstone upon which to build lasting business relationships. Current executives and employees have experience working for large organizations such as Sylvan Learning Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Colorado State University and Fujitsu New Zealand. The consulting team at Crown Point Solutions prides themselves in being expert problem solvers and strategists. That's where Ingenuity comes in. If you have a problem that needs to be solved, be sure to contact us today.